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The Wall Of Lurve

14 Feb


Day 1 of another of 15 Hundred Lives‘ monthly public art event in Creative Bubble in Swansea. We invite other artists to join us in the artspace to work alongside; it’s very stimulating to have so many artists in one place all focussed and making art. We also invite the public to join us and make their own artworks.

love wall

This month we have a Wall Of Lurve for the public pop-up work as it’s Valentine’s Day.

portraits 2I started two almost-life-size drawings of fellow artists, Melanie Ezra and Patricia McKenna Jones. I’m working on rolls of primed canvas with willow charcoal.I am working from photographs to start with, using a grid to scale up the images.

portraits 1

This is how far I got today. I like the style, it’s quite comic book. Tomorrow I’ll start to work in some colour. Not sure yet whether I’ll use oil bars with linseed oil and rags or acrylic System 3 inks mixed with acrylic medium and applied with rags. I don’t do brushes.

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