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Colouring In

17 Feb

17 degenerates

I blogged a couple of days ago about the work I started at the Creative Bubble monthly event where I began some full-length portraits of fellow artists in preparation for an upcoming exhibition (here). I went back on Saturday to carry on. Progress was slow because it was very busy in the artspace and also I did a portrait head drawing (read about it here). Here’s how much I’ve done so far.

I worked over the willow charcoal line with a small round hoghair brush and acrylic System 3 paint in a dark grey. Willow charcoal is very unstable and the lines wouldn’t have lasted long. Once the paint was dry, I used my fingers and rags to squidge solid blocks of System 3 colours. The paint is mixed about 60:40 with acrylic pigment so it’s translucent. It’s not like anything I normally do, it’s like colouring-in. Very relaxing.

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