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Another Digital Nude

21 Feb


We always finish with a long, one-hour, pose at Thursday night’s life drawing group at Swansea Print Workshop. I couldn’t be bothered to pack my drawing bag, if I’m honest, so I just took my Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 tablet and used the free Markers app. I’m learning more and more about the digital approach as time goes on. I started by laying down a background, overlaying several translucent colours with my finger – white, grey, beige and white again. Then I drew the figure and surroundings with the stylus, keeping my pallete restricted to sepia, olive, sanguine, grey and white with a splash of pink, varying the limited brushes to achieve different lines and pressures. I saved at several stages – never forget to save – I lost a few drawings in the early days – they just disappeared! The act of saving also gives you a little slideshow of the progression of the drawing too.

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