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Where I Live

31 Mar


Yesterday’s weather was gorgeous and we went for a walk on the beach. It’s just a few minutes walk from my home and it’s lovely. I’m very lucky. The tide was fully in and still as a pond of mercury. People moved around at the water edge, walking their dogs, fishing, paddling. I stopped for a quick scribble. Then off up the road for a Joe’s Icecream. For tea 🙂


30 Mar

I did these sketches on one of the endless train journeys yesterday in London. Husb and I went up to pick up some printmaking supplies from Intaglio Printmakers in Southwark and then onto the Dulwich Picture Gallery for the exhibition of David Hockney prints. But London’s transport system was conspiring against us. Every single journey we made was severely disrupted. A 12 minute journey turned into an hour long trek with 3 different trains. Still, it gave me a chance to draw people on the way.

Man And Pole.

28 Mar


Here’s another digital life drawing from last night. The model, although an older man, is fit enough to hold this difficult pose for half an hour.

The Hard Hand

27 Mar


Just back from life drawing at Swansea Print Workshop. I chose to punish myself this evening with a foreshortened hand. It was hard. After the tea break (with a Victoria Sandwich) we had a one-hour pose and I spent the whole time working on this hand and knee.

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Little Leftover

26 Mar


Today I packed up an edition of fourteen little lino prints to send to Boise, Idaho, USA to the lovely Wingtip Press for this year’s Leftovers print exchange. The Director, Amy Nack has been organising this for five years now and attracts miniature prints from all over the world. This year’s deadline is April the 15th.

This linoprint is based on some small sketchbook drawings I did of petroglyphs, paleolithic rock carvings, in the Karakoram Mountains in Pakistan a few years ago. The original carvings are possibly 10,000 years old . The petroglyphs are mostly of animals, mainly the ibex.

The image is 10 cm square and printed onto handmade Japanese lightweight paper with black oil-based relief / litho ink.

Its not the same – thank goodness!

26 Mar

I’m reblogging this from Knitnell because it’s so darn civilised – drawing, tea, cake, more tea….lovely


Its not the same – thank goodness!.

Out Of Tune

25 Mar

25 waterstones

I did my daily drawing in Waterstone’s Cafe, having a cup of coffee late this afternoon after getting stir crazy back at the studio. Daily drawing for me is like a singer practicing their scales each day. It’s fundamental to my practice as a visual artist. But sometimes the drawing doesn’t come out right, just like sometimes a singer will be off-tune. I didn’t get the proportions right between the woman and the pillar in front of her. Never mind. I’ll carry on…….


24 Mar

hare 1hare 2

I cut these little lino blocks of running hares a few weeks ago. Now I’ve done some proof prints. I’m pleased with them so I’ll print up an edition.

hare right hare leftI’ve used black oil-based litho/relief ink onto a Japanese hand-made lightweight paper. I’ll probably do an edition of about 30 of each.

Big Wig And Crumble

23 Mar


We went to a Kate Bush themed birthday party yesterday and our friend, who is a strapping bloke, dressed as Kate in  mahoosive wig. Fair do’s.Drawn into my A5 clothbound sketchbook with Faber Castell Pitt pens sizes F and B.


And today, I picked the first of the new season’s rhubarb from the garden and made Husb’s all time favourite, rhubarb crumble. With lashings of custard, of course.


A Day Off

22 Mar

I haven’t had a day off for ages, par for the course for the self employed, so today has been a lazy day. The only arty thing I’ve done is paint a mask for a Kate Bush themed party I’m off to this evening. See you tomorrow. 🙂





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