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Arty Farty Party People

8 Mar

Husb and I have been invited to a party tonight. We don’t usually go to parties (we’re old gits) but this is a come-as-your-favourite-artist/painting-party and it also has curry! No brainer! The painting I’ve chosen isn’t my favourite although I have a sneaky admiration for its kitchness. I thought that if I took the brief literally and went as a visceral Egon Schiele nude, I might get arrested. Plus it’s still cold in the evenings. Plus I’m not skinny! So I chose Tretchikoff’s Chinese Girl, sometimes called The Green Lady. It’s actually a much more complex painting than I’d realised and the artist has great skill, even if the result is a bit kitch.


Husb has done a minimalist take on Salvador Dali. I think he looks scary. I think I look like Hitler in Hallowe’en drag. Never mind, the masks’ll come off as soon as the curry is served. nomnomnom 😀


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