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11 Mar

R. Davies 'Let Peace Prevail'(Above: The Afghan Border from Mitchni Post in the Khyber Pass)

Yesterday I made a 300 mile round trip to Birmingham to submit my documents for a visa to Pakistan. I’ve been offered a residency to work with a group of international artists to produce a group show, culminating in an exhibition in Islamabad.  I visited Pakistan about 7 years ago and I absolutely loved the place! It’s beautiful, cultured and the people are so warm and friendly. It was one of those life-changing experiences and I’ve been keen to return. Oh and the food is fantastic.

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I did some drawings in my sketchbook while I was there and made a series of landscapes in full-colour monotype when I came back. They’re all based on tiny sketches except for the one of the Afghan children, which is based on a photograph taken in the Khyber Pass. The other three landscapes are based on drawings done at various places on a road trip up through the Karakoram mountain range to the Hunza Valley.

It’s been a difficult process applying for the visa, the amount of documentation has been enormous, I’ve made the trip to Birmingham twice (600 miles in all) and it’s expensive. Still, it’s reassuring that the checks are so thorough given the extent of terrorism across the world. The paperwork is now with the consulate where the final decision will be made.  Fingers crossed. I just can’t wait. I’m so excited!

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