The Ghost And The Fishermen

I produced two new monotypes during my recent residency in Pakistan. The technique also gives a ghost image as well as a full-colour one. Impressionists such as Degas and Monet used to work over their ghost monotypes with pastels and if it’s good enough for them…… Here’s the ghost of ‘Footfall At Taxila’. I appliedContinue reading “The Ghost And The Fishermen”

Last Night In Islamabad

We went to a literary festival in Islamabad on our last evening and as usual, I had a scribble. I used my Samsung Galaxy Tablet Note 8 and saved the drawing regularly to show the different stages, using a free Markers app. This lady was sitting in front of us. My residency in the ZairaContinue reading “Last Night In Islamabad”

Coming Home……

So here I am at Kuwait Airport, having a cuppa tea on my way home from my printmaking residency in Rawalpindi, Pakistan. It seems like just a few days ago that I was sitting here on the way over,but it was almost a month. The time I spent there was so intense, so packed thatContinue reading “Coming Home……”

Even More Lahore

Lahore is probably the craziest city I’ve ever been in, makes London and New York look provincial. The traffic is relentless but I was up early on Sunday morning and I sat in the hotel foyer, looking out of the window at silence. No traffic, no people, no mayhem. So I had a quick scribble.Continue reading “Even More Lahore”

More From Lahore

Here’s a little sketch I did in Lahore at the weekend. We’d gone to visit the old part of the city and ended up at Cooco’s Den, a famous restaurant in the red light district. It’s at the top of an old brothel and is decorated with masses of carvings, old and new, stained glassContinue reading “More From Lahore”

Punjab Sunset

The drive back from Crazy Lahore was completely different to the torrential rain, hail and thunder we’d endured on the way down. The calm, sunny afternoon over the plains gave way to a beautiful sunset as we approached the mountains on the final leg of our journey back to Pindi. I sketched these quickly, justContinue reading “Punjab Sunset”

Rain. Hail. Thunder. Picnic.

Travelling down to Lahore from Rawalpindi on my birthday, we hit a huge storm, so heavy that we had to stop on the motorway verge so we had our picnic of egg sandwiches and crisps in the car while the torrential rain and hail – yes hail in Pakistan – thundered down on the roofContinue reading “Rain. Hail. Thunder. Picnic.”

Whistlestop tour of Lahore

I was going to continue the story of the Punjab thunderstorm this evening but we’re exhausted from a whistlestop tour of Lahore today in the heat. So here are the next 2 drawings in the series. We’d just reached the end of the mountain bit of the road and the light started to change, soContinue reading “Whistlestop tour of Lahore”