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Coming Home……

26 Apr

Bani Gala

So here I am at Kuwait Airport, having a cuppa tea on my way home from my printmaking residency in Rawalpindi, Pakistan. It seems like just a few days ago that I was sitting here on the way over,but it was almost a month. The time I spent there was so intense, so packed that it shot by.

Jet lag, a visit to the ancient monuments at Taxila; working day and night in the Zaira Zaka printmaking studio with my fellow artists Hannah Lawson, Zaira Ahmed Zaka and Atif Khan; the exhibition launch at the fabulous Satrang Gallery in Islamabad; the hectic weekend in Lahore for my birthday; a full schedule of meeting with artists and gallery owners when we came back from Crazy Lahore.

I made a lot of new work; 4 editions of drypoint etchings, 4 Monotypes and 40 drawings so far. I need a holiday!

This is a pastel drawing I did shortly before we left, at sunset at Lake Rawal in the Bani Gala area of Islamabad. I used Daler Rowney soft pastels into my Khadi sketchbook.

This residency has been supported by Wales Arts International and Arts Council Wales


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