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New Homes

9 May

group 1

I’ve been collating the little pastel drawings I did into 2 Khadi handmade paper sketchbooks while I was travelling throught Pakistan and I’ve sprayed them with acrylic fixative to stop the fragile soft pastel from rubbing off  the surfaces. I needed to raise some funding for my residency and before I went, I offered sketchbook drawings in return for sponsorship. I was lucky enough to raise what I needed and these little drawings are my thank you to those individuals who helped me.

group 2It was a challenge for me to do all these drawings in such a short time and also to use pastels in this way, in such a small format, but I’m really pleased with the outcome and it’s opened up a new way of working for me. And next week, these little drawings will be winging their way to their new homes along with my thanks 🙂

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