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Long Hard Day

18 May


Just back from the city of Bath where I helped install the Commensalis group exhibition for the Fringe Arts Bath festival. We have a group show at The Octagon from May 23rd to June the 8th. It’s one of the biggest fine arts festivals in Britain. I’ve done a drawing installation based on my research into ‘Degenerate’ artists, persecuted by the Nazis in the early 20th century. I’ve made a start portraying contemporary artists I know who would have been designated as degenerate under the Nazis. In the background is a large drawing in graphite, carbon and charcoal based on drawings I did of the Berlin Holocaust Memorial in the snow.


Here’s another angle, with fellow artist, sculptor Jonathan Green sitting just outside the gallery, having a rest after spending 6 hours putting up his installation.


More to come tomorrow 🙂

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