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Tiny Temper

27 May


Heard a lot of noise on the roof around 6pm. Sparta Puss was facing off a very large and angry seagull. Husb and I tried to persuade the cat to come down but she was having none of it, so we left them to it. A few minutes later she came storming into the house and gave me a slap! Then she settled down on the stool in front of me in a right strop! What a temper. She glared at me for ages. So I scribbled her. She’s turned her back on me now. What did I do?????


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I drew her on my Samsung Galaxy Note 8 using a free Markers app, saving frequently and uploading the pictures into a slideshow gallery to show how the drawing has developed. I have to put in a background before drawing otherwise the final picture, when upladed, seems to turn into a negative.

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