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Punjab Jamming 2

30 Jun


Did some more sketch jamming inspired by the pastel drawings I did during my artist residency at the Zaira Zaka studio in Pakistan in April. The originals were quick sketches I made during a journey between Lahore and Islamabad and were drawn into a white handmade Khadi sketchbook, around 15cms square and quite textured. I’ve tried to capture the impressions using the same pastels, Daler Rowney artist’s soft pastels, but onto a smooth black Daler Rowney Ebony sketchbook. The images are a little larger, around 17 cms square.

scan0007I’m moving away from reality now and into abstraction, which is nice because I rarely do that. I’m enjoying making marks for the sake of it, rather than to represent something specific. It’s unusual for me not to work directly from life but I’m really getting into it. I always found it inhibiting in the past, but jamming is loosening me up.

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