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Summer Fête

28 Jul


It’s been one of those days where time just speeds by. I spent this morning catching up with housework before I disappeared under a pile of mess. This afternoon I spent with my delightful extended family at a summer fête. I managed a few very quick scribbles of some of the face-painted little tykes before I was roped in to run the ‘Guess The Teddy’s Name’ stall.


Off to water the allotment this evening because the heatwave is still with us and then onto the beach to catch the high tide for a dip. Chilly!!!! Then back to do a couple of head studies from Burne Hogarth’s book on dynamic anatomy. And now blogging with a cup of hot blackcurrant cordial. I made it last weekend from our glut of blackcurrants on the allotment. We picked about 7 kilos and left about a kilo for the birds.

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