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Atmospheric Monotypes

16 Sep


I spent the evening at Swansea Print Workshop, doing some monotypes. This technique stacks three coloured plates on top of each other – in yellow, red and blue. You can read more about it on my technical web page here. The technique gives one full-colour piece and one ‘ghost’ monotype, taken from a second pressing. Unlike most printmaking processes, you can’t make an edition of these. They are unique.


I developed the image from one of a series of drawings I did on my artist residency in Pakistan during April. We were travelling through the Punjab and I did almost 50 sequential pastel drawings, impressions of the landscape, atmosphere and weather surrounding us. I wasn’t sure how to develop these drawings. I edited them into a short film , ‘Drawn Punjab’ and now I’m going to make a series of monotypes.


I usually do monotypes of the human form, not landscapes or atmospherics, but I’m reasonably pleased with this first one. I can see what I want to modify so I might do it again and use stiff brushes to soften it and maybe use more blue. We’ll see.

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