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Up A Ladder

20 Sep


I’m a member of an artist collective, 15 Hundred Lives and we have been running a monthly public art event at the Creative Bubble artspace in Swansea, we take the space for two days a month to work together as a group – a painter, a collagist and a printmaker / scribbler. I’ve been working on a series of very large drawings that will eventually form an installation. Here I am up a ladder.


My technique is evolving as I work on each drawing but that means they’re taking longer. The first two took a couple of days each but this one is still less than half done after 2 days, but that’s OK. It will take as long as it takes. Drawn on Fabriano Accademica paper 240 gsm using compressed charcoal and graphite block. Two days working on a large drawing means sore feet and aching shoulders, so I went for a curry this evening, to our favourite curry house, The Vojon, for a Handi Lamb Polongwala and sag rice. Sublime.

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