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Thunder And Rodents

30 Sep


Just back from an evening Open Access session at Swansea Print Workshop where I did the third in a series of impressionistic monotype landscapes based on the residency I did in Pakistan earlier this year. This is one of a sequence I drew in a thunderstorm.

Had a tough day. Sparta Puss the evil-kitty-from-hell, terrorised me by bringing a live rodent into the house. It was a relief to get away to do some printmaking. And now I’m tired.

What Am I Up To?

30 Sep

Here’s what I’ll be getting up to in October. As well as blogging, of course 😀

What Am I Up To?.

A lovely blog reposted ‘The Simple History of Mario’

30 Sep

This is a truly lovely blog, very inspiring

The Simple History of Mario.

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