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Paintingy Drawingy Thing

3 Oct

drawing tortuosa

Today I had an urge to use paint. I’m not a painter. I don’t get paint but I really fancied using some earlier. So I stapled a bit of gesso-ed canvas to the wall and rubbed it all over with a yellow ochre acrylic pigment, put on with rags. It dried pretty quickly so I blocked in some reddish colour and once that was dry, rubbed on some green. I don’t like brushes.I don’t know if it’s a painting or a drawing. I’ll be putting in details with oil bars, which is definitely a drawing medium.

I did the life drawing above about a year ago, using oil pastels into a khadi paper book, opened up to use the double spread and this is what I’m using for reference.

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I’ll carry on with it tomorrow and see what happens.

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