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Drama In Rags

28 Oct


Yesterday I blogged some drawings I’d based on my travel sketchbook during my artist residency in Pakistan earlier this year. Today I developed one of these sketches into a full colour monotype down at Swansea Print Workshop.

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The technique involves inking up a perspex (plexiglass / acetate) plate with oil based printing inks and removing the lighter areas of the image you want to create. It’s a drawing process using all sorts of materials to make marks. In this series of landscapes inspired by the Pubjab I used cotton rag and scrim (tarlatan) for the mark making. This forced me to be very free as I couldn’t do any fine detail and this in turn created a much more dramatic image than I usually do. I’m pleased with the direction I’m going in with these. For more information about this technique, please click here.

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