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A Very Fine Cat Indeed

7 Nov


Greetings hairless apes. Sparta Puss here. My bald monkeys haven’t let me near the pooter box for a while and to be honest I’ve been too busy sleeping anyway. It’s Winter. It’s the only thing to do until Spring and the new season’s rats come a calling. My moronic monkeys have been keeping me and my fellow feline goddess, Ming The Merciless, curfewed because of the big bangs happening every night. Something to do with an ape who tried to blow up a building a long time ago.


It’s a damned infringement of my liberty and I’m very dissatisfied with them.  I’ve heard that some bald apes are much nicer to their kitties. There was one cat called Hodge whose domestic chimp actually made a famous quote about him. And what does my monkey do? Scribble. That’s right. Scribble on her tiny pooter box. Useless gibbon. I demand a quote. Nothing less!

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