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Comparing Blues

12 Nov


I did some experimental cyanotypes yesterday, comparing different papers and fabrics. I used some of my sketchbook drawings for the imagery. The best results were given by a medium weight white cotton that was dipped into the cyanotype chemicals and squeezed to remove the excess. There was also a good result with the white Somerset paper, applying the chemicals with a brush. The brushwork becomes a part of the overall image. The original drawing is a sketch I did in Llandeilo.

I’ll be developing some more images onto larger pieces of fabric for a new group project I’m involved with called ‘Divided By The Meltwater‘, which is a collaboration between artists in Swansea and North Devon. We face each other across the sea. At one time in the distant past, it was all dry land. Then the sea levels rose and we became separated. The project explores this concept.

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