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Beery, Beardy And Flatulent

1 Jan


beardy 1


Husb and I spent New Year’s Eve dancing the night away at a local nightclub to a groovy Funk disco and a fab Funk band called Disco Panther. Great time but I’m aching all over now. I don’t normally drink alcohol but tried a small bottle of a pale foreign beer with a vaguely South American name. Back in the day, I used to quaff large quantities of real ale, dark bitter stuff that you chewed your way through with names like Old Peculiar’s Rat Entrails and Rancid Tom’s Heavy. Thick, tasty stuff you drank from solid glass tankards. This ‘beer’ I had last night was pale, tasteless and served up in a plastic ‘glass’ with a wedge of lime. A Wedge Of Lime! OUTRAGEOUS!!!! After one ‘glass’ I went onto the fizzy water – it tasted better.


beardy 2


I did some scribbling in the crowd. I was struck by the amount of younger men sporting beards. Nearly everyone under about 35 had facial hair of some sort, even if it was only a tufty bit under the lower lip. And topknots as well. The public smoking ban has been around a few years, but although it’s great not to be breathing in vast amounts of second hand smoke, there’s nothing now to mask the smell of flatulence and in a jam-packed nightclub rocking with hot, sweaty dancers who’ve been knocking back the booze, the flatulence was pretty overpowering. But we still had a great time. Happy New Year everyone 🙂

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