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Spots and Twists

15 Jan

warrior spots

I like working on direct line (trace) monotypes. It’s an immediate and spontaneous way to get an original print and the quality of the line is soft and smudgy. I also like to work with models in poses that are twisted or contrapposto, they have a dynamic interplay of forms and planes that I find more interesting that passive standing poses. I particularly enjoy setting the model against or within a pattered  artefact like a rug or blanket. This model is a young soldier who often models for our life drawing group when he’s on leave.

The monotype is printed from a perspex (plexiglass, acrylic sheet) plate coated with black oil-based litho / relief ink thinned with a little extender. It’s important to roll the ink super thin otherwise you’ll get huge black smudges everywhere. Once there is a very thin layer of ink on the perspex, a sheet of fairly thin paper (a good cartridge paper around 150 gsm will be fine) is placed on top and a pencil drawing done on the top of the paper. The pencil needs to be kept sharp. When the paper is lifted off the perspex, the ink will have stuck to the places the pencil touched, creating an unique monotype. It’s a very good method for artists who love drawing.

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