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OK, A slight glitch Post #2a

8 Feb

A lovely artblog from a fellow printmaker

JHladikVoss57's Blog

And then I get food poisoning and flu?  Bad herring. A Swedish woman should know better than to eat fizzy herring. Up and at it today-somwhat.

Going to add another monoprint etching from the Natural History Series. Alphabetically. Been working this series for over 10 years. Over 100 unique prints. This is going to take us a while! Today’s Concept hint?= Pliny the Elder. Really.

Today’s Print is: N.H.: Acupuncture 12″ x 18″ image. Aquatint on copper. Lino. Soft ground etching. Trace Transfer monotype. Artist designed fonts. For sale, of course. I got hooked on this series when the 2nd one I printed got sold to a museum near Warm Springs, GA. Being a huge FDR worshipper ( thanks again for Lend Lease, Social Security, etc.), I took this as a sign.


Next info: had a gap in the last 5 years- due to illness. Might take a poll to see if…

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Swansea Caff Culture

8 Feb


Two days, two cities, two cafes. Husb and I went to the Marina Market in Swansea today, a lovely day, cold and crisp but sunny. There was also a Preloved Fair at the adjacent National Industrial and  Maritime Museum too. It was very busy and felt for the first time that winter might be lifting. Chilled, we popped into the Museum’s excellent cafe and had pots of tea. Lovely. I did some speedy scribbles into my A5 Tate Gallery sketchbook with Faber Castell Pitt drawing pens, sizes S and F.The chap with his back to me was wearing very wrinkled clothes. Not unironed, just baggy and wrinkly. Then there was a large man by the counter wearing a black and white Swansea F.C. scarf. All scribbled in a couple of minutes. Forces you to focus on what’s really necessary.

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