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Pirate Parrot

18 Mar


Husb and I have been looking after a relative’s Senegal parrot for a couple of weeks. His name is Richard The Bird. He’s definitely a man’s man. He mostly ignores me and sits happily on Husb’s shoulder like a proper pirate parrot. But today for some reason he flew onto me. I was okay with it until he noticed that, unlike Husb who lost his lovely golden locks some time ago, I have a lush head of long hair. So he grabbed some in his beak and tugged as hard as he could. Which is surprisingly hard. My instinctive reaction was to push my finger between the parrot and my hair and pull it back from him. The parrots instinctive reaction was to sink his hooked beak right through my finger. I don’t know if he was scared or having a tantrum but he put a hole though my flesh and drew blood. Ouch! Luckily it’s my left hand so I still managed to sketch him, in graphite into my A5 hardbound sketchbook.


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