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Scribbling In Public

20 Mar

manier noir day 1I spent today with the 15 Hundred Lives art collective at the Creative Bubble artspace in the city centre. We hold a monthly 2-day public access art event where we use the space to do our own work and invite one or two guest artists to join us as well. We open our doors to the public so that people can come in and see what we do and how art is made. It was really hectic today, which was great but meant I didn’t do much work on my manier noir triptych drawing. It doesn’t matter though because I enjoy talking to people about my work, especially those who might not have had much experience of art. It’s also interesting to work with other artists because we learn from each other.

At this month’s event, ‘Weirdness and Kisses‘, I worked with Lucy Read and Chris Harrendence as well as the other members of the collective. This is our 18th event, we started in Summer 2013 and I have found that I really enjoy drawing in public, it’s a performance I guess, although not a scripted or structured one.  We’re at it again tomorrow – looking forward to it.

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