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Some Days You Can’t

4 Apr

brunswick heads

I try to blog every day but now and again, not often, I’m just too shattered to do a drawing and write up a blog. Yesterday was one of those days. I’m a bit gutted because I haven’t had a day off blogging since the middle of December, but last night I just couldn’t get it together at all. I had a couple of spare drawings as well, but I just had to crawl off to bed, too tired to think. Maybe it’s the clocks going forward!

Never mind, back on form today. Husb and I went to see a new show of painting at The Artswing at Swansea’s Grand Theatre and then nipped to our excellent local pub, The Brunswick, for a swift apple juice and a scribble. Pubs and cafes are great places for sketching faces, these three are very distinctive. I used a dark grey graphite stick into my A5 hardbacked sketchbook.

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