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Bruges, Swansea, Leeds.

19 Apr

I can’t get enough of Sir Frank Brangwyn’s work. Here’s another study I did from a drawing at the Brangwyn Museum in Bruges. The original is in charcoal and chalk onto a brown paper. I used four grades of graphite into my A5 hardback sketchbook, much smaller than the original.


These days drawing in this sort of style, early 20th century, tends to be associated with comic book artists, as does the sort of narrative in art that Brangwyn and Klimt practiced. I love comic books and graphic novels as much as I love the Secessionists and German Expressionists. A Facebook friend told me that there’s a lot of Brangwyn’s work in Leeds as well, so if you’re anywhere near there, or Bruges or Swansea, do check out his art. It’s fabulous.

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