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29 Apr

scribbling sparta

Sparta Puss here. I managed to get my paws on the pooter box again. My trained monkeys are still busy faffing around after the rat I brought in to entertain myself. Turns out the wily rodent is some kind of genius; the stupid simians have nicknamed it Ratstein after some supposedly clever hoomin scientist. As if! It’s managed to set off two traps and grab the food without getting caught so now the hairless apes have borrowed a massive trap from some mates. It’s called The Big Cheese and they think it’ll outwit Super-rat. I caught it with just my paws – WITHOUT opposable thumbs, take note – and it’s been outwitting the monkeys for days.

In between running around shrieking like, well, like a monkey, the she-ape has been daubing dirty sticks onto some nice clean paper and claiming that the resulting mess looks like me. Poor thing. She’s deluded. Idiot.

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