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Valadon Screen – Next Step

22 May

suzanne step 2a

I left the Speedball Diazo drawing fluid to dry overnight after I had done my drawing of the artist Suzanne Valadon onto my screen. The next step is to mask it with the Speedball Filler. I drizzled a line of it, after a vigorous shake, at the top edge of the drawing (the screens were propped up so it was horizontal a few inches above the table).

suzanne step 2b


Then I scraped it gently across the surface of the screen with a piece of stiff card. One swipe is recommended. I scooped up the residue at the edges with a small plastic pallette knife and put it back in the pot. Then I left it to dry horizontally. Final stage of screen preparation tomorrow. I bought some ink from Swansea Print Workshop so I might be able to start printing on Monday.

Tomorrow I’m appearing in Union Street in Bath with the Plebeian Scribblers, part of Fringe Arts Bath and on Sunday I’m popping up to Cardiff to mooch around the Art Car Bootique. Maybe I’ll see you there?

Fringe Arts Bath

22 May

Lots happening in Bath from tomorrow with this huge arts festival. I’ll be there on Saturday the 23rd with three fellow artists. We’re The Plebeian Scribblers and we’re doing an intervention on Union Street throughout the afternoon along with loads of other live art performers.

Fringe Arts Bath.

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