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Hot And Sweaty Scribbling

25 May


Here’s a sketch I did out on the street in Bath last Saturday as part of Fringe Arts Bath. I drew throughout the afternoon with The Plebeian Scribblers, a group of 4 artists from South Wales who draw in public. We took a timer and changed position every 10 minutes so each sketch is time limited. It’s a challenge to draw crowds of people on the move and locate people within the cityscape with fairly accurate proportions. I drew into my A4 hardbacked sketchbook with a grey graphite stick.

It was brilliant sunshine, the first day of a long Bank Holiday weekend and Bath is a very popular tourist destination anyway so it was hot, sweaty and teeming with people. And The Plebeian Scribblers wear a uniform of boiler suits or bib’n’braces which made me a bit hot and sweaty too! Bath is a great place to visit, loads of history, lovely architecture, great shopping and very, very quirky. This is a book about Bath (The Naked Guide To Bath) written by the brilliantly named Gideon Kibblewhite and it’s one of the best I’ve read about the place.

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