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The Bird Is Back!

31 May

richard bath 3

Richard The Bird has come back for a holiday. His trained monkeys are off on their travels again so he’s having a vacation with us and the kittehs. He has already established who’s boss and we hairless apes are definitely bottom of the pecking order. He’s just taken a bath in his waterbowl and pelted me with some of his nuts and a piece of mango. Ming the Merciless is nonplussed, nothing distracts her from the boiler and the food bowl. Sparta Puss is prowling around looking for a way to get into his cage, but it’s built like Fort Knox. So I’m expecting some animal mayhem over the next few weeks.

I managed a couple of quick scribbles with graphite into my A5 hardbacked sketchbook. It’s a bit disconcerting because most animals (except cats) don’t like being stared at, which is necessary for drawing them. But this one stares straight back at me!

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