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A Political Woman

13 Jul

leanne wood

I travelled up the Rhondda Valley this evening to The Workers Gallery in Ynyshir where Leanne Wood, the leader of Plaid Cymru (The Welsh Party) chaired a debate between academics Simon Brooks and Daniel Williams about nationalism in Wales . It was very interesting although a bit on the academic side for me, but I guess that’s what academics do. I’m not affiliated to any particular political party but I am very impressed by Leanne Wood who is an intelligent, educated woman from a working class community who went to an ordinary comprehensive school, not from a background of wealth and privilege like a lot of politicians. She is also the first woman to lead Plaid Cymru in its 90 year history.

Of course, I had to have a scribble. I was sitting at the back which means limited vision, making it hard to see a lot of detail, which restricts the drawing to main outlines. I used a dark graphite stick and a white conté crayon into my A4 hardbacked sketchbook that I had prepared with brown wrapping paper. It was a very quick sketch because she was moving as she chaired the debate; it’s not a bad likeness but it would be nice to have been closer and had a bit more time.

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