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This is how galleries should be…

14 Aug

I’ve been here all day with artists and other people, having an arty time. Here’s Melanie Ezra’s take on it 🙂

Melanie Honebone

I’ve been at the Creative Bubble in Swansea today as part of an event run by artists group Fifteen Hundred Lives.

It’s been busy, really busy. I’ve barely had time to make any artwork. Usually there’s a steady flow of interesting people who are curious about art and inbetween comes a heap of artmaking. But today has been unprecedented.

This is the kind of atmosphere and engagement that art should have. All galleries should have this vibe. At the Creative Bubble there are no barriers between artists and audience. Here everyone is equal. Here no question is awkward and everyone is so passionate about what they’re doing that criticism is a welcome addition to the creative process.

We’ll be here again tomorrow 12:30pm til 5pm tomorrow. Come and join us. Creative Bubble, Cradock St, Swansea.


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