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9 Sep

The Carpet

The inspiration for a piece of work can often be the slightest of things. Drawing is all about looking and the closer you look, the more you see. At first glance you see a solid figure. Look again and the texture and pattern of the background can draw you in.



The Carpet

That’s certainly what happened with this print. The technique is known as direct line monotype, it produces a unique artwork in the style of a line drawing. Here I have used archival-quality oil-based litho ink onto Zerkall paper.

The technique is similar to using a piece of old fashioned carbon paper but with much better ink and paper.

It allows me to be very free with my pencil, to follow the patterns and shapes in front of me with a spontaneity that more technology dependent printmaking methods might stifle.  I like to roam with my pencil so the fantastic, almost fractal markings on the carpet let me explore to my heart’s content.

You can see more about the techniques in an earlier blog here.

If you would like to own this drawing is it available from Artfinder.

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To see more work on Artfinder please follow the link below.


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