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Walk, Draw, Gong.

23 Sep
walkdraw 1

The labyrinth with my ongoing drawing on the wall

Today is the Autumn Equinox and The Bagpuss Window featured a labyrinth made from bark and gong music from David Pitt. Visitors were invited to walk the labyrinth while David played gong. I had a go. It’s very meditative. It helped me loosen up as I did some more work on my big wall drawing.

walkdraw 2

Walking the labyrinth with David Pitt on gongs

I’m loving what’s happening at The Bagpuss Window. When I picked up the keys to the old shop at the beginning of the month, I had no idea so many lovely artists would get involved. It’s been a brilliant experience.

One From The Archives 12: Eve Imagines Big Apple Crumble

23 Sep
Eve Imagines Big Apple Crumble

Eve Imagines Big Apple Crumble

This is one of a short series of female nudes I did, based loosely on the concept of Eve and apples. It is a full-colour monotype, which is a unique artwork that uses a process beloved by the Impressionists, especially Degas and Monet.  A full explanation of the technique can be found here.

As with all of my nudes it is based on a life drawing which can then be used to produce work in many different media. The full colour monotype allows me to explore the surface texture of the paper, the figure and background with a massive range of hues to produce a piece of work which is seductive in its richness.

For all the print geeks out there I used oil-based litho/relief pigment onto BFK Rives cotton-rag paper

The Dreamer

The Dreamer

The direct line monotype is a quicker, more intuitive process that lets me sketch in the basic figure and let the imagination of the observer fill in the details. Like the full colour monotype, this technique also produces only one work.  I like to think that here is a woman, lost in reverie, as she relaxes, comfortable in her own space.

An earlier blog of mine details the process and pitfalls and can be seen here.  For this I used archival quality oil-based litho ink onto Zerkall paper

The monotypes; Eve Imagines Big Apple Crumble and The Dreamer are available for sale on Artfinder and if you’d like to find out more, please click on the links here and here to go directly to them or click on the top right of this page to see other works for sale.

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