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Walking The Labyrinth

26 Sep

Here’s 3 minutes of my feet walking the lovely labyrinth made from chipped bark by archaeologist Dewi Bowen and musician David Pitt in The Bagpuss Window this week. The feet are not interesting at all, except it looks like I have my shoes on the wrong feet, but the accompanying gong music from David is wonderful. Go with the flow…….

Dewi has written an excellent book about Siluria, now South-East Wales, and its ancient standing stones, burial chambers, cairns and stone circles. Well worth a read and dead cheap.

One From The Archives 15: The Warrior Gazes

26 Sep

The Warrior Gazes

Here is an illustration of how the natural differences in original print methods can work. These two pieces are taken from the same original drawing but because of the nature of the processes, one is reversed.

The three colour separation monotype above is done by removing ink from a transparent sheet, then applying that sheet to a piece of paper. This is called the reduction method and gives you a reverse image compared to what you see when you are drawing.

You can compensate for this easily these days but sometimes I prefer to use the natural qualities of the traditional printmaking methods. A detailed description of the process can be seen in my techie section.  For this print I used oil-based litho/relief pigment onto BFK Rives cotton-rag paper

The direct line monotype, below is done by working on the back of an inked-up sheet, which is placed on top of another piece of paper.  This means it will produce a direct copy what you are drawing.

For this I used archival quality oil-based litho ink onto Zerkall paper

The Warrior Pensive

The monotypes, ‘The Warrior Gazes’ and ‘The Warrior Pensive’ are available for sale on Artfinder and if you’d like to find out more, please click on the links here and here to go directly to them or click on the top right of this page to see other works for sale.

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