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Virtual / Physical

8 Oct



Just back from the weekly group at Swansea Print Workshop. Tired now. I did some portrait studies and a full length nude. I used my Samsung Galaxy Note 8 with the free Markers app. I’m getting a bit fed up with it so I think I’ll prepare a load of paper and get back into some physical, instead of virtual, drawing next week.


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One From The Archives 23: The Mirror

8 Oct

Reflection, musing on masculinity.  Having a large mirror in the life drawing room can add a lot to any drawings.

Mirror copy for WP

From a purely technical point of view it means you can draw a figure from the front and back at the same time without it looking like two separate drawings.

I also like to experiment with materials when I am drawing and this time the original study was drawn using Renaissance materials, inspired by artwork I did for a television series about da Vinci

Depending on the pose you can use a mirror to illustrate various emotional states. A man leaning against a mirror as if exhausted, naked, too close to see his own reflect with head bowed gives an impression of fatigue and introspection.

This image could be as simple or as complex as the viewer decides. The blacks are dark enough to be sombre whereas the line-work is deft enough to give the figure itself an air of lightness.

It is a photopolymer steel plate etching, etched and hand-printed using oil pigment onto BFK Rives cotton rag paper

If you want to find out more technical details about techniques I use please click here to go through to the technical section.

The monotype “The Gaze” is available for sale on Artfinder and if you’d like to find out more, please click on the link here to go directly to it or click on the top right of this page to see other works for sale.

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