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I Ate A Snail

9 Dec


Today I ate a snail for the first time. I won’t bother again. It tasted like earth in garlic butter with the texture of one of those rubbery sponges you put make-up on, if you wear make-up. Husb and I went to a posh French restaurant for his birthday meal. His birthday was in August but it took a long time to get a reservation. Apart from the snail, it was lovely but now I’m stuffed and I don’t want to do any drawing. What a lazy mare. Here’s one I did earlier this year, in the rain on Swansea Beach. Now off to bed, like a beached whale in a duvet.

we wish you a merry creative sketching workshop

9 Dec

Ooohhh! Something for the artist in your life


Creative Sketching Workshop US cover 1Christmas is coming boys and girls. Hey you know what would be good for those of you who like to sketch (or know those who might), a great book featuring twelve urban sketchers from around the world demonstrating a variety of different approaches to various urban sketching subjects. INCLUDING FIRE HYDRANTS. My book “Creative Sketching Workshop” was published recently and is a whopping good read. You can get it in the UK at bookshops and from the amazon, (currently ranked 153 out of all books on Art Issues, down from the previous high-mark of 22) and in the US you can also get it from north light publishing (they have lots of great art books, several by fellow sketchers), also bookshops and also, where it is currently ranked as the 90,075th book out of all the books (let’s break that 90,000 mark dudes!). Learn a…

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