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Drawing Real People

12 Jan

Green J

After getting some installations ready for a new exhibition in Penarth, “Print From Two Cities”, which I helped to install yesterday, I’m back to drawing my series of 30 minute portraits of Baby Boomers, my generation, born between 1946 and 1964. I’m aiming to do 100 of these drawings and so far I’ve done 20. Long way to go. Someone asked me why I don’t draw from photos, but I think that my drawings from photos look just like that, drawings from photos. Part of the process of doing these portraits is having conversations with real people, finding common ground and also where our experiences differ. It’s so interesting and sparks ideas for how to develop from this work. Talking to people while I draw them also helps me to do more animated drawings. Drawn with a graphite stick into an A5 spiral bound sketchbook,

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