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14 Mar
cath mis mai

cath mis mai

I’m tired and haven’t had a chance to do any drawing today – I’ve been slaving over a computer since this morning so I’m blogging a drawing of Sparta Puss I did a while back. She’s a fanatical hunter and she’s one of those cats who brings their prey home alive and sets the unfortunate creatures loose. My late father-in-law, a first language Welsh speaker, called her a “cath mis Mai” or a month-of-May cat and said that it was an old wives tale in Wales that kittens born after the month of May would bring home live prey, but kittens born before that would not. He said that his parents would always ask when a cat was born when they were getting a new one, and would refuse a “cath mis Mai”. I haven’t heard this from anyone else and can’t find any reference to it on the Internet so I wonder how widespread it was?

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