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People Watching

21 Mar


I tend to go through phases when I make prints, making a sequence instead of random one-offs. This helps me to focus on subject matter, developing a theme and also lets me explore the technique. I did this series a couple of years back, combining transfer prints with drawing. I have hundreds, maybe thousands of sketches in my sketchbooks and I had been wondering how I might use them. I like all my drawings of ordinary people getting on with their lives, not knowing that I’m recording them for posterity.

elderly dude

The elderly dude

I also have lots of digital photos so I printed some of them onto ordinary printing paper from an inkjet printer and took a transfer print using nail varnish remover to embed the image into Bockingford paper. When each transfer was dry, I drew on top, using my sketchbook scribbles as source material. I spent a lot of time matching up the drawings to the transfer prints, it wasn’t done at random. Each drawing reflected the transfer print in some way. You can read a bit more about the technique here.

These prints are available for sale from my Artfinder site.

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