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The Pebble In Arthur’s Boot

22 Mar
Arthur's Stone, Cefn Bryn

Arthur’s Stone, Cefn Bryn

Today we visited Arthur’s Stone at Cefn Bryn on the Gower Peninsular, a Neolithic tomb about four and a half thousand years old. It’s a very popular destination for primary school day trips in this area and there is always a steady stream of visitors as it’s quite accessible from the road. Legend has it that King Arthur stopped across the estuary and removed a stone from his boot, throwing it right across the river where it landed in its present position and grew to a mighty size. In the late seventeenth century, a large chunk of over 10 tons fell off and still lies where it fell.

I’m still using up the recycled Fabriano Accademica paper that I had previously drawn on with my home-made walnut ink, ripping it into drawing-board sized pieces and drawing with carbon and white conte crayon. I’m keeping the drawing very simple, I don’t want to get into representational detail, I’m trying to get a feeling from the places I’m visiting and putting that down on paper, if that makes sense?

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