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Going Solo

14 Apr
They like my drawing? No, they're after my apples

They like my drawing? No, they’re after my apples

Exciting but scary news. I’ve been offered a solo show based on the work I’m doing on Bronze Age and Neolithic ancestral stones in South Wales. I’ve never done a solo show before, always been part of group shows but this body of work is coming along very quickly and I am already planning to diversify into printmaking, with woodcuts, monotypes and etchings in the pipeline.

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It will be at the most excellent Workers Gallery in Ynyshir in the Rhondda Valley, a gorgeous gallery and workshop space set up just over a year ago by artists Gayle Rogers and Chris Williams.

The exhibition will run from September 1st to 24th and will include opening and closing events, artist talks and workshops in drawing and printmaking techniques.

The Workers Gallery

The Workers Gallery

Don’t Panic!!!!!

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