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The Caged Stones

11 Jul

Bowls Club

Last week I was back out on my journey across South Wales to find ancient monuments on the Trail Of The Wild Boar (Y Twrch Trwyth) from the legends of The Mabinogion. This is another of a very few stones now in an urban setting, just outside the Bowls Club in Bridgend. This particular stone is no longer in its original position, which had been allotments for many years. It was moved a few metres to make way for a car park when the new leisure centre was built. I feel uncomfortable when stones are in an urban or agricultural setting because they exist on our terms, not on the terms of those who put them in the landscape and they seem like animals caged in a zoo, unable to fulfil their potential in the wild.


I have spent the past few months travelling across South Wales with Rhondda-born archaeologist Dewi Bowen and Swansea film maker Melvyn Williams, hunting the wild megalith, accompanied by my portable drawing board, portfolio of Fabriano paper and a bag full of assorted artist’s materials.  Dewi is researching his latest book on Neolithic monuments and Melvyn is making a documentary film of our literary and artistic adventures. We are following the legendary trail of the boar hunt, y Twrch Trwyth from the Mabinogion, recording the Bronze Age ancestral stones that those ancient hunters might have encountered.

All the work I’m doing will eventually be featured in a solo show in The Worker’s Gallery in the Rhondda Valley in September. If you want to know more, please click here.

If you want to see some of my other artworks, please click here.


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