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Sharing Experiences….

3 Sep

McKenna Jones P

And another Baby Boomer – I’m getting towards my target of 100 by the end of the year, each drawing a maximum of thirty minutes. But I allow about an hour and a half for each sitter, because it’s such an important part of the process to talk to everyone, about how they feel about being a Baby Boomer, what it means to them. It’s fascinating for me, as we become the ‘elder’ generation, to share the experience with others, to discuss, to take stock, to try and figure out where we’ve been and where we’re going……


Tea with me at The Workers Gallery – a chance to see my new solo show with lashings of tea and home-made cakes in the gorgeous Cynon Valley.


There’s more of my art to be seen in my online Gallery in Artfinder. Please click here to visit. Thank you.

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