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A Pleasant Surprise

19 Sep


This is Baby Boomer number 68. I’ve been getting through these 30-minute sketches quickly this month at the Creative Bubble Artspace. I have been looking through the first of this series, started about 18 months ago, and they’re much tighter, more structured and detailed, using fine nib drawing pens into an A5 sketch book. I changed over to graphite and an A4 format a few months back and it has freed up my style enormously. A lot of the marks I am making now are intuitive, automatic and not planned, thought out or considered. These recent drawings are so much more expressionistic and expressive than the early ones. They’re not automatic drawings in the Surrealist sense, but for at least part of the process I have suspended my focus and concentration and something else takes over. It then becomes a surprise when I look at the drawing a few hours later and see the  marks I have made; it’s generally a pleasant surprise. That’s good.


Please drop by on the last evening of my solo show at The Workers Gallery for tea and art, cake and conversation.




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