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Little Fluffy Psychopath

21 Nov


Ming The Merciless is elderly now, sixteen years old, one-eyed and has arthritis in her paws so she can’t scratch her claws anymore and they need to be clipped. Problem is, she’s a complete psycho! There’s no way we can do it so for the past couple of years she’s been going to the vets every few months to have them clipped by professionals. But they’re terrified of her so she’s been having a general anaesthetic each time. They’ve now decided that she’s too old and frail to have a general if it’s for a non-life threatening condition. So today we tried something new. We slipped her a Mickey Finn in some food and Husb took her to the vet an hour later when she was well woozy and could barely stand up. Even in that state she was incredibly violent and took out two vets. They managed to do her back paws and one front paw but had to give up! When she came home, she had the munchies and scoffed a ton of food, then crashed out. I don’t know what was in the tablet they gave her.

I have work featured in two exhibitions at the moment – in The Workers Gallery in The Rhondda Valley and at Llanover Hall in Cardiff, both lovely venues and worth a look-in if you’re in the area.


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