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25 Apr

Yesterday I showed how to mix up printmaking ink with powdered mineral pigments, Nori (seaweed) paste, water and gin. But that’s just the beginning. Next I had to try the ink with different blocks and papers to see what gives the best result. My first experiment was with a simple vinyl block that I inked with a roller (brayer) and printed using a traditional Japanese bamboo baren onto a lightweight Hosho Japanese paper. I tried it first with dry paper, but that was awful and the paper stuck to the ink and disintegrated. So I tried spraying the back of a piece of paper lightly with a water sprayer and again took the print with a baren. It worked quite well, much better than dry paper.

7 Inking

A simple block inked up

8 Baren

Printing onto dry Hosho paper with a baren

9 Hosho dry

The paper stuck to the ink on the block

13 Hosho damp Frida

Printing again after spritzing the back of the Hosho paper

14 Hosho Frida

The dry and damp Hosho papers

So tomorrow I’ll be having a go with a rubber stamp instead of a block……..


I have put my series of drawings en plein air of ancient Welsh monuments on Artfinder.  If you want to see more, please click on the image below or the Artfinder link at the top right of this page. This one is the legendary grave of Saint Elfys (Elvis) in Pembrokeshire, not for from the Presceli Mountains. Elfys? Presceli? Elvis Presley? Coincidence? hhhmmmm

St Elvis

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