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The First State

11 Sep


first state


I spent the first day of my weekend etching workshop at Trefeglwys Print Studio developing a mezzotint plate. With two other printmakers, I worked until quite late and got up early ready for day 2. I was ready to print the first state – which is the very first print off a plate, to see whether it’s ready to go or if it needs more work. Advised by Trefeglwys printmaker Andrew Baldwin, I used Charbonnel black etching ink onto Somerset paper, soaked for about half an hour. The print is nearly there ….. I need to strengthen the light tones around the head of the Mari Lwyd and do more work into the copper plate on the feet, which have all but disappeared. The tones on the clothing need to be lightened too, with a scraper and burnisher. It’s surprising how dark the image still is, despite looking quite light on the copper plate.



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