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A Quickie On The Last Day

23 Nov

bologna (2)

On our last morning in Bologna yesterday, I rushed over to get a final look at the wonderful Basilica de Sant Steffano and had just a few minutes to do a quick scribble with conté crayons into my A4 brown paper sketchbook.

Home At Last

23 Nov

Home at last and glad to get back to Sparta Puss ….. and our memory foam mattress topper, what a good buy that’s turned out to be. I ended up doing quite a few sketches in Italy, which I will put up tomorrow, here’s one of a rather Byzantine Christ on a church ceiling in Florence. I think it was a baptistry but I’m not sure. I’ll have to go through the itinerary to work out where each sketch was done, I should put it next to the sketch, really, but often forget to. I should also remember to wear my glasses when I’m drawing too, but it’s such a faff when you’re on the go. So the perspective here is a bit skewiff because I was squinting.

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